Tiny Robot Justice Squad is a 2D side-scrolling, wave-based shooter currently UNDER DEVELOPMENT for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. The game will be available on Steam towards the end of the year. It has explosions, big guns, big bosses and quick-paced platform gameplay, with the core inspiration coming from arcade classics like Bubble Bobble, Contra and Smash TV, with a pinch of inspiration from bullet hell shooters.

The game is being developed by Mind Relay -- a company which is actually just one person -- me, Jay! Hi. If you want to keep up to date with the development of the game you can follow me on Twitter, or if you have any specific questions you can always drop me an email!. If you're with the press, check out the press kit. You can also read the rest of this page to learn more about the game.

  • Action/Platformer/Arena Shooter hybrid with shades of bullet hell. Battle waves of enemies with diverse attack patterns while destroying fixed targets called Signal Pods that teleport in enemies.

  • Tight platforming controls, running at a smooth 60fps at 1080p. Windows, OSX and Linux compatible.

  • Three playable characters to choose from, with their own unique passive strengths and weaknesses.

  • No procedural generation or randomisation, everything is hand-crafted from scratch to deliver a deliberate, finely-tuned experience. No tutorial.

  • Select from a bank of 24 skills to give yourself new abilities or perks, such as improved damage, the ability to turn enemy bullets into energy, or to gain damage boosts while on killing streaks, detonate into a FIREY HAIL OF DOOM when you die, and a ton more.

  • Seagulls

  • Select robotic sidekicks to accompany you in battle, they will aid by attacking your enemies, repairing you or helping you in other ways.

  • Accessibility! The game is designed with many of the accessibility improvements suggested by AbleGamers for players with hearing, visual or cognitive difficulties. Have an idea for how we can do more? tell us! or Tweet to @mindrelay

  • More screen shake than you can shake a screen at (Don't worry, it can be turned down or off if you don't like it!)

  • There are 12 different powerups that you can pick up from destroyed enemies. You'll only be told what 3 of them do, the rest is for you to figure out!

  • Harvest the energy of your enemies to power your abilities and deliver devastating attacks. Each character has their own unique special ability, and eight possible upgrades that alter the base ability to do different things.

  • 12 Guns with which to annihilate your enemies: Rocket Launchers, Beam Cannons, Bomb Launchers, Laser Guns, DOUBLE LASER GUNS and more. They're all designed to be fun, powerful, and violent and no weapon outright sucks. Weapon pickups will give you a random weapon, but you won't mind!

  • Seven varied levels, taking you through cities, secret bunkers, haunted laboratories and into deep space. Each level is packed with a variety of enemies out to get you, as well as multiple boss and mini-boss fights designed to test your skills.


Figure 1. Some guns

Art by Calum Sutherland


In typical arena shooter style, in Tiny Robot Justice Squad you fight waves of deadly enemies in glorious, violent battle. Enemies are teleported in via Signal Pods that drop in to the level. Each wave of enemies will be stronger corresponding to how many Signal Pods are active, and how many have been destroyed so far. You must destroy all Signal Pods in a wave to progress, but once one set of Signal Pods is destroyed more will be sent to take their place! The task is exasperated by the fact that they might appear in hard to reach or dangerous places!

Enemies are designed to keep you on your toes at all times, with enemy design often taking inspiration from classic bullet hell shooters. You'll have to learn enemy attack patterns and behaviour in order to stay alive while ensuring you don't get overwhelmed, all the while taking out Signal Pods! Good luck!

In 2754 humans are a rare sight on Earth, with most of them having abandoned the planet and taken to the stars. Some say this was to retire on far-off alien beaches. The far more likely reason is that humanity wished to avoid the moral (and potentially apocalyptic) problems associated with the emerging self-awareness and consciousness displayed by their Robot slaves, so most of them wisely decided to not stick around to see what happened.

Now, the Artificial Intelligence ZEROV, formerly tasked with managing bean curd processing plants, plans to launch itself and its minions into the stars to seek revenge on its human masters for being left behind and denied the opportunity to explore the universe. ZEROV commands an army of sympathetic Robo-citizens, from military to household Robots, along with a cohort of its own twisted creations, in a bid to achieve its goals and wipe out the remaining humans on Earth along the way.

It is up to you to take control of the Tiny Robot Justice Squad to put an end to the plans of this heinous villain!